Club Foundation

Bule Nile club was founded in 1976 and named Al Najda Team in police and watering household, after then the name altered to ashbal el Assaf. in 1979 the team was separated thus the name changed to Santos on Brazilian Santons team which visited Sudan in the seventies. in the same year, the second-degree teams were appreciated and Santons were among them.
It participated in the second-degree team's competitions and elevated to the premier league in 1983. At that time the team's players were from police and watering neighbourhood and its camp was the house of uncle Osman sloka where balls, shirts and all other equipment were put, more, it continued like this because there was no other residence for the club.
Afterwards, some of the managers and government employees had joined the club such as Mahmood Suliman dow el beet , Mohammed saad Yousif, Mustafa Mohammed and Yousif abou roof. At that time the team used to get its cloths form diverse locations for instance, the worker's place and police club which his president malk abou roof who was playing with the team and then he became the chairman in 1984.
Hussein malk’s house in al rabee neighbourhood was rented as a room to the team during this year the team’s name had been changed from Santos to The Nile and the chairman was general Farooq el block who was Nile Khartoum club chairman which was one of the Premier League teams in the capital.
The team continued in al rabee neighbourhood and became among the unique teams in the area, it represented the area in Sudan league in 1987 after three years from its elevation to the first-degree. The team continued to represent the area until 1990 when it participated in Sudan's league it played against Hilal El-Suki, Etihad Madani, Jihad Kusti, Hilal Wawo and Al-Taka Kasala in El- Khartoum group.It also participated in Sudan's cup many times its last game was against El-Esma in the year 1997 it won it's games against Al-Shola Sinar and Ahli El-Managil and reached the finals in the qualifying Premier League in Atabar, it was among the top five teams the winner of them will be elevated directly to the general league.
Unfortunately, the team didn't make it because of the lack of the experience of its young players. The club owners 1575 square meter. In 1992 the first room of the club has been built. After that, the current club buildings have been built. The club surrounded by many buildings stores, bakeries, and Other clubs. This year the club council has been supported with new young members to help in leading the team. they are working very hard hoping to win the league this season and to participate in the qualifying Premier League and the general league if Allah wills.
There are so many achievements of this great club which cannot be described in those few lines. This is just a brief about the club since 1983 till now where the team is one of the first degree teams.

Osama Othman Ali Saluka - Acting Secretary-General